About Chip:

My close friends call me CarolinaChip. It was given to me actually on the water rather than the trail, but it has stayed with me for many years. They say your name chooses you. Living in Michigan from 1993 to 2008 and actively fishing the Great Lakes for many years garnered me the moniker since I stood out with a southern accent amongst my fishing friends. Having also backpacked in Michigan’s mid and upper peninsula, my name just kinda stuck amongst my hiking friends.

I am a resident of beautiful North Alabama, but raised in North Carolina.  Being a long time fisherman and developer of proven lure technology and fishing products has enabled me to always enjoy the outdoors.  My handmade lures were produced under the name, Carolina Chip’s Fine Fishing Lures,  have been written about in BASSMASTER Magazine, Gary Yamamoto’s Inside Line Magazine and also featured on ESPN’s Beat Charlie Moore.

In addition to Alabama’s outdoors and the previously mentioned Michigan Upper Peninsula, I have also traveled, camped many parts of the Smoky Mountains and visited and hiked The Great Wall of China.

Outside of this, I enjoy the Camping, Hiking, Camp Cooking, Exploring, Fishing, Bushcraft, Writing, Photography, and outdoor gear.

Welcome to the blog and remember …. Go find your adventure and you will have great stories to tell!