Historic Elham in Kent, England

By Gillian Smith, Backpacker's Yonderlust Contributor Regarded as the oldest County, a Kingdom in its own right since Saxon times and known as the ‘Garden of England’ first coined by King Henry VIII, Kent lies in the South East corner of Britain. Characterised by chalk down land which gives the  cliffs of Dover their famous … Continue reading Historic Elham in Kent, England


Into The Sipsey…. again

A view of our last trip in the Wilderness. We really love this wilderness area. A bit long on video and shot on an IPhone and a Trekking Pole.... because we can. Subscribe and comment. YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/y0ytENKlmLs Follow my friend Cody and I as we make an inner loop on Sipsey's 200-224-204-209 and back … Continue reading Into The Sipsey…. again