I enjoy the outdoors. Camping, Hiking, Camp Cooking, Exploring, Fishing, Writing, Photography, and outdoor gear are my passions.

I have traveled, camped many parts of the Smoky Mountains, Michigan, Mexico and visited and hiked a section of The Great Wall of China.

My trail name was given to me in 2007 by a Norwegian backpacker that I met in China at a section of the Great Wall named Jiankou. We were on a four hour hike to Gubeikou which is the main section outside Beijing that is commonly visited. I had beat him repeatedly in foosball at a small pizza restaurant operated by an expat running from his past and alimony in the US. It was a good pizza he made where anything tasting close to home was a genuine pleasure! 🍕 Anyway…… The Viking (don’t recall his name) kept calling me CarolinaChip and it stuck…. my traveling buddy, Gunner, monikered me with it.

Welcome to the blog and remember …. find an adventure and it will write your story!

– Chip

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