To be published July 25, 2018. Check back and see how I finally decided to leave the ground for the safety and comfort of the trees. Something finally pushed my indecision over the edge and it’s a journey in using what you know and asking others for their skilled advice transitioning into hammock camping. Not just setting up a hammock, but rather how to make the most out of extremes in high and low temps, terrain, weather and established methods to make this type of wilderness shelter an enjoyable and functional experience.

So while too warm to sleep test this, I have been playing with it. I like the heat reflective underside on this 650 fill quilt. The color is called tomato, so I likely won’t be shot sleeping in it and mistaken for a deer.

Only thing so far that I customized was to remove the #98 paracord draw string that came with it and the metal lock. I changed them out with a #550 paracord and added a rope lock. The installed line was likely more than fine and I did not do so for the strength of the line, but rather to remove the metal clip which I thought may wear on the cord or maybe cut the quilt. Likely not, but my thoughts.

I have looked over the quilt and it is assembled very well and down distribution is fluffy and as expected for a 650 fill product.

More to come…..

To be continued…


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