It always enjoyable to visit Grandfather Mountain. If you go on a day when the weather is cooperative, it’s magical. If not, mother nature’s temper can be awe inspiring.

On this particular day, the breeze was faint, the temperatures were in the 70’s with sunny skies. The views on this mountain are more than just a beautiful place to visit. As you take in the environment you will not feel that you are close to civilization because the mountain totally envelops you in Smokey Mountain history that is a billion years old. This may be because Grandfather Mountain stands so tall against the background in which it exist at over 6000 feet. The beauty of the mountain laurel and mountain plants feed the hikers soul as they stand out against the granite of the mountain. This is a hike the experienced hiker should make. There are easier short hikes from the lower parking lot up, but if you head up the Grandfather Trail, you should be experienced.

There is no charge to access Grandfather Mountain State Park from trailheads at the base of the Mountain, but registration is required for safety reasons. Self-registration permit boxes are available at the Profile Trailhead and along the Tanawha Trail before accessing the Nuwati and Daniel Boone Scout Trails from the Boone Fork Parking lot on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Access Grandfather’s backcountry trails from the Swinging Bridge area is included in the price of admission for patrons of the Grandfather Mountain travel attraction. Hikers wishing to access Grandfather Mountain State Park from the Swinging Bridge will be required to purchase a ticket to the attraction before they can drive to the summit.


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