Price: $175.00 minus REI 20% discount = $152.95 with tax

Pros: A well establish shoe company known for quality trail and hiking shoes.

Cons: none

Manufacturer: OBOZ

Review Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I have walked 1000 miles in my everyday Merrell MOABs, so it was not surprising that they are now to be my grass cutting shoes. They were great shoes but like a good old companion dog, they need to be taken from the field and allowed to live out their remaining days in peaceful honor.

My favorite Solomon 3D GTX boots are not an everyday shoe. While excellent on my backpacking excursions, I wanted to locate a boot that I could wear everyday, but not be afraid to hit a trail path in my travels.

As I sit here writing this review, I am also reflecting on a day traveling through Chattanooga, TN and taking the time to visit the REI that opened just a few days ago. I saw these, along with a plethora of other quality shoes. I thought “Would I just buy another pair of MOABs?” The OBOZ grabbed my eye and with my membership discount…. I went for them. These carried 4.5 stars in the reviews from several sites and have been around a while, so I tried them on. I was sold on fit, comfort and walking the cute rock incline they have in the store.

So my final destination today was Amicalola Falls and the Approach Trail to the Appalachian Trail. I sat on my truck bed and laced them to my feet and stepped across the parking lot and on to the AT Approach Trail.

So this is a mid ankle boot so they are taller than my MOABs and shorter than my Salomons. Overall, they felt quite comfortable. My Salomons offer a great deal of ankle support that I enjoy on rough trails, but these OBOZ felt like a perfect mixture for those day trips on average to easy terrain as well as something I would wear around town.

My first action would be the East Trail and the 600 stairs of Amicalola Falls.

These shoes felt comfortable right out of the box and laced to support my ankles and keep my toes from smashing into the front of the toe box, I was very comfortable in a variety of terrains.

Here is my creek crossing:

While Walking down the East Trail, my feet were quite secure and the traction was excellent. I did not feel any strange molded supports around the heel and it was equally secure without feeling squeezed.

During my 30 minute climb back to the top, the only discomfort was my calves and thighs but this was due to the stairs and climb. The boots were comfortable on the variety of surfaces. This includes asphalt, concrete, trail and metal tread stairs that take you from the bottom to the top of these falls.

I decided to take the plunge and stepped into a stream to about one inch below the top of the boot. I stood there for about 30 seconds and was completely dry on the interior. That’s a big plus as the boots breathe well while preventing trapped heat/sweat with a good pair of wools and liners.

I really enjoy the rubber toe cap in the boot. I can beat the heck out of the front of a shoe and these features in a boot have always been a go to for me.

In all, I felt that these are a great pair of boots and I am looking forward to the next 1000 miles in them. I don’t feel weighted down and think these would be just fine on a trail with a pack on a week long adventure. There’s good ankle support and traction is wonderful.

I recommend this pair of shoes if you are looking for a great pair of everyday boots or your go to hikers.



Oboz Bridger Link


After buying and initially wearing, I put my first 5 miles on them. They are still a little stiff from being new, but I say that these shoes are practically broken in on day one! It’s quite possible that while my Salomons are my go to shoe, these are a exceptional close second! I fully recommend this shoe if you plan on getting on the trail or just to wear around town!

Shots from later in the afternoon around Amicalola and the Amicalola River:


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