Planning a weekend trip into the wilderness. My plan is to stay well fed with enough calories to have fun. My typical meal plan consist of:

Day one:

Dinner: Instant Rice (2c)/Peas/Spam x 1/Cashews & Flour Tortillas

Day Two:

Breakfast: MH Breakfast Skillet

Lunch: Flour Tortillas/Spam x 2/Almonds

Dinner: Instant Potatoes (1 pkg)/Peas/Chicken/Cashews & Flour Tortillas

Day Three:

Breakfast: MH Biscuits and Gravy

Lunch: Flour Tortillas/Spam/Almonds


Coffee, Drink Mix, Salt, Pepper, Craisens, oatmeal pack x 2, jerky, mustard pack

Potatoes and instant rice are convenient go to meal items that are filling and don’t add a lot of weight. Peas are freeze dried and take very little time to rehydrate with the meal.

Provide some feedback on your meal plans when hitting the trail.


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