“When you lose your path, you get an opportunity to discover a world you have never known! And better worlds are often found this way! Darkness and uncertainty hide presents in itself!” – Mehmet Murat ildan

Price: $18.36 as of 2.28.18 at Amazon

Pros: A bit of hiking nostalgia in a world of electronics,

Cons: A bit heavy for the lite enthusiast, not much light, replacing candles much more tasked than buying batteries

Weight: 6.4 oz (Aluminum)

Manufacturer: UCO

Review Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Results: This is a nice piece of hiking nostalgia. While just adding more to carry, it does not require batteries and is also a nice back up. Even though you can purchase light reflectors to add to the lantern, I am not sure if the backpacker of today will find it suitable with the high lumen alternatives at great prices.

Shed A Little Light

I was reading “The Barefoot Sisters – Southbound” and a section of the story brought back a memory to me as I read “She took the candle lantern from her pack and lit it. The shelter filled with a soft orange light. (Our mom had brought the lantern back to us at the Fair, remembering our descriptions of how it had brightened our winter evenings. I thought of you …”

I remembered a small candle lantern that I had saved my money for as a youth and it was a treasure in the tent of young men in the darkness of the night. I immediately had to replace it and made a purchase at a local outfitter and brought it home with extra candles. It was a small tiny light in the darkness of my house with the lights out, but I could not wait to take it to the trail.

UCO, who makes this product and several others for the outdoors has been doing so in Seattle, Washington since 1971. The lantern is a great little light that does not require batteries though you need to replace your candle about every 10 hours of use. The candle is spring loaded from the bottom and this allows the lantern to keep the 3 1/2″ candle pushed to the top of its metal encasement to keep the flame in the lantern glass. The glass and the frame will slide back down into the lantern when not in use. The lantern has a window built into the side that lets you determine how much candle remains and to replace it, you just unscrew the bottom. This will reveal the spring and the candle housing.


• 4 1/4″ inches closed

• Lightweight aluminum construction at 6.4 oz

• Provides soft light which

• Has both a carrying handle and a hanging hook.

• Insect repellent (with citronella candles).

• Beeswax Candles Available.

• Comes in brass at an added weight of 8.8oz.

It is a dependable light, but contrary to my memories as a youth, the light is quite low and best suited for a small area such as in the tent. However, it is much easier to just click on my adjustable Black Diamond Headlamp. When would I use this in today’s world? I can say it provides a little soft light in the darkness. Almost poetic in nature and hypnotic to just watch like a campfire. To me, its a nostalgia piece thats likely better sitting in my home emergency box for power outages rather than in the field. I will give it three stars based on dependability and stirring good memories. However, just like the music cassette, it had its place in time.

I am certainly not saying to skip this purchase. It may just be the right tool for some, but there are better lighting options at the same price point these days. If you do purchase a candle lantern, light it when its as dark as you can get it…… and just enjoy the flame and the serenity that it provides.

Find your adventure and it will write your story,


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