Price: $229.00 as of 2.12.18

Pros: Excellent ankle and foot support, very comfortable, water resistant craftsmanship

Cons: None for the avid backpacker (day hikers may not prefer)

Weight: 3.3 lbs

Waterproof Material: Gore-Tex

Manufacturer: Saloman

Review Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Results: This is a great hiking and backpacking boot. It meets all of our expectations in build quality, durability and foot and ankle support. Laced tight and this boot becomes and extension of your foot!

Author wearing Saloman 4D 2 GTX Boots

The Salomon Quest 4D 2 GTX boots come with a hefty price tag, so when purchased, it was good to know that the outfitter would let me wear them to get a good feel and make sure this was my boot of choice.

Since I had this opportunity, my first concern was distance comfort. My average day is 10 miles, but if hiking 5 – 20, I wanted to know I would be in good shape when I reached my desination.

My first trip with these was an urban 15 mile hike during summer that took me on asphalt, rock, red Alabama  clay, and forest floor. I wore liners and a pair of SmartWool  mid calf socks and took off on my walk. I completed this walk in about 4 hours and was quite impressed that I took a new pair of shoes on such a break in and did not have a hot spot or other injury. Other than being tired from the walk and ready to free my feet as we all do in camp, it was at that moment that I knew I had made the correct purchase.


These Salomon boots are designed as backcountry tools, but given their comfort, they would be equally comfortable just wearing around. Your heel firmly settles into the boot and when laced, holds your ankle like a pair of hockey skates. While comfortable, walking across uneven terrain was quite pleasing. The heel is raised on this shoe, but after initially feeling this, my foot and stride settled naturally into it.

The lacing system is perfect! A poorly laced $50 or $500 boot is no good. I typically tie double surgeon’s loops while cinching all the way to the top. I did this with these boots, and the eyelets are strong. The middle eyelet has a locking system that hold the laces tight as you work your way up. The ultimate result was a comfortable and tight fitting shoe held firmly to my ankle and heel. The toe box is roomy enough and laced properly it is also comfortable. There was no sliding that would cause hammer toes or hot spots around the forefoot.

The boots, while waterproof, are quite breathable. The is a nylon mesh allows the Gore-Tex to breath. There is also an Ortholite insert in the front that allows air to move around the front of the foot in the toe box.

The water proofing is excellent. To date, I have over 250 miles on these shoes in wet environments, creek crossings and rain without any recognized water penetration. I do recommend cleaning all shoes after use to maintain the surfaces and keep them from abrading the sealing layers. I have not had to use any additional waterproofer with properly maintained shoes.


This nubuck, leather and nylon upper is well made. There is a lot of stitching in this boot, but after 8 months of use, there is not any noticeable degradation on properly maintained shoes. These boots have been subjected to snow, ice, heat, rock, dirt, pig wallows!, marsh, asphalt and water. They have stood the test of all conditions that they were subjected to.

Use and Conclusion

This is a great outdoor boot. It is not an everyday walker. If you want a hiking boot to wear around town, find another Solomon model or brand. If you are backpacking or hiking, you will not be disappointed. Whether a day hike, weekend adventure or a multi week/month adventure, you will not go wrong in selecting this shoe. This shoe incorporates durability with comfort. It remains agile while being a firm fit and allows you to cover miles at a great pace. Regardless of the environment you are in, I am sure these Salomon Quest 4D 2 boots will provide you the performance you are looking for.

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