I enjoy fabricating camping gear because of the self sufficiency in crafting items that are useful in surviving or making an adventure more fun. I had previously made a camp grill form a paint strainer that worked quite well.

The homemade grill does a great job in placing pots above fire, but one question I pondered was the safety of using it to grill meats and vegetables  directly on the surface. I was not aware of the metals and manufacturing materials used to create the strainer, so I never placed anything directly on it that would be cooked.

In the areas that I travel, I prefer to rely on wood for cooking and it does not require carrying fuel. It is not much of a weight savings as I also have an Emberlit Stove , but that is another review.

So enter the solution to my cooking surface concern: The Expedition Research Bushcraft Grill Blaze. The company touts “The stainless steel weld and customized 3D mesh pattern design results in a grill that will stay strong over the open camp fire”. With my previous homemade grill being quite  strong, and the Blaze being made from Stainless Steel, I ordered one from Amazon for $13.97 and it arrived a couple days later.

When I received it, it was sealed in a very nice package. No skimping on materials here. The resealable package is a black plastic with a similar interior material that was silver in color. It is a tough material and will likely be put to use to hold something in my pack. When opened, the package contains the stainless grill, a packaged carrying bag and a company sticker. The grill is welded very well and the construction is not cheap. All of the welds are identical and equally spaced accordingly in the advertised 3D Mesh Pattern.


E.R. Blaze Grill


I cooked a chicken breast on this grill raised on two one inch metal blocks at about 300 degrees on the Weber. It performed as expected though outdoor cooking over coals is a bit more harsh on foods than a Weber if not tended to properly.

As with my previous handmade grill, I will be very comfortable placing my cooking pots and cups on the grate. Additionally, a fresh caught fish, vegetables, or other meats will be just fine on this cooking surface.  I will also place this on top of my Emberlit Stove when an open fire is not permitted. I did not see the need for an additional purchase, but this grill also comes in a smaller version that appears to be the same width and one half the length of the full size Blaze.

The grill was flat and true. Due to two inches of rain during this review, I decided to test the grill and heated my Weber Kettle to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. After removing it, it was blued and smoked a bit, but was in perfect shape.  (I will be taking additional photos and updating this review during an upcoming backpacking trip.)


Expedition Research Marketing Photo of Blaze Grill



This product gets five stars based on my initial review. I will update this review if my opinion changes after field use. At this time, the company earned an endorsement on my back window.



At the time of this review, the Expedition Research Bushcraft was available through AMAZON for $13.97.

Get out and find your story,



One thought on “Expedition Research Bushcraft Grill

  1. I got the 2 pack last week, really nice.. i cooked 2 porkchops and some mushrooms in a Stanley pot. Great weekend in the woods with my son..

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