From Guntersville Alabama: 

Follow Hwy 227 south from Lake Guntersville State Park. Hwy 227 makes a right turn and continues on for 6 miles to county road 402 on left. Continue on 402 to intersection of 402 and county road 50. Continue on straight to county road 19 for 2 1/2 miles, You will see the main entrance on the left.

The park may be partially closed due to State cut backs, but nature never stops. There was no charge for parking when I visited. When you arrive at BPSP, the best attraction is to drive to the end and trek out to point rock. If you are lucky, you may get a chance to see bald eagles flying on thermals. The walkway is well maintained and a recent wood boardwalk has been installed.

Finding the trail may be a bit more difficult, but walking down from the parking lot, you will notice a well worn trail. The name is Point Rock Trail. The trail should be considered moderate to difficult due to the terrain and the steep climb out from the bottom.

There are several rock structures and old growth trees leading down to the valley floor. During this adventure, the trail was abound with flowers and great muscadine vines bearing their fruit.

Take plenty of water and walking staff/pole will come in handy.

Enjoy your trip!



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